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Servicing NYC HVAC since 1962

Below are some of the most popular frequently asked questions.

Credit Cards

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept credit cards for service work only. New installations/deposits need to be by check or wire transfer.

Department of Buildings

Department of Buildings filing? HamiltonAir excludes any and all DOB filing, as we do not have an architect on staff.


What is your policy on estimates for new equipment or replacement units?
Our Sales Engineers provide free estimates for new equipment. Repairs would require a service visit at our current rate.


 Do you carry insurance? HamiltonAir is fully insured and can provide a formal certificate of insurance upon receipt of contract and deposit (for new work), or on request (for service visits).

What units do you service?
We don’t work on all units, you must provide us with the brand name and what type of unit.


What is your current rate? Room air conditioners $354.00 per hr. Central systems $405.00 per hr. (1 hr. min charge)

Hours of Operation

Are you opened on the weekend? We are only open Monday thru Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

Service Calls 

How long will the service take? That all depends on the location and condition of the units.

Travel Time

Do you charge for travel time? We charge travel expenses.