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Servicing NYC HVAC since 1962


   Founded in 1962 by H. B. Hamilton, Hamiltonair came to prominence for installation and service of through-the-wall air conditioning in many prestigious hotels, as well as for commercial refrigeration in many celebrated restaurants in mid-town Manhattan.
The appeal of sleek unobtrusive heating and cooling equipment naturally lent itself to the high-end residential market, especially in pre-war co-ops. Eventually, due to the great demand for residential installation, the commercial division was phased out.

Still going strong after 57 years. 

   For decades, Hamiltonair has been a premier provider of custom HVAC, working with top designers and architects to achieve effective and aesthetic climate control for the client.
Hamiltonair has been a pioneer in actively assisting clients, at no charge, with process of obtaining permits from The Landmark Preservation Commission often saving the homeowner associated added expense.