This thermostatic control regulates the amount of heating or cooling.  With the control pointing to "normal" the room temperature will remain approximately 72°.  Adjusting the instrument to maximum "cooler" will reduce the temperature to 66°, and adjusting the instrument to the maximum "warmer" will result in a temperature of approximately 78°.


Shuts off all functions of the equipment


High speed fan will provide the fastest change in temperature and is normally used for cooling. Depressing this button will simultaneously raise the "low" fan button.


The low speed fan will provide a slower change in temperature but is quieter, and is normally used for heating.  Depressing this button will simultaneously raise the "high" fan button.


When button is depressed, the room side and condenser fans will run continuously.  The "room temperature" thermostat control will cycle the compressor on and off to maintain temperature.

The manufacturer cautions the users of steam heating units to prevent freeze ups by leaving the equipment on heat whenever the temperature is below freezing.

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