1.  Landmark Issues?
      Contact Landmarks Preservation Commission at 212-487-6782 or e-mail us 

 2.  Typical length of time for application process once submitted to Landmarks? 
      4 to 6 weeks

 3.  How and to whom should we submit plans?
      If your plans are  AutoCadd compatible, e-mail them to us at or mail or deliver to our main 
      office in New Jersey.

 4.  Where do I send any mail?
      To our main office in New Jersey.

 5.  Spring Tune-Up questions:
      Refer to

 6.  How long does it take to install thru-the-wall air conditioning.
      We are not affected by weather conditions.  
      Lead time is in average of 4-8 weeks.
      A typical installation of one unit takes two days to complete.

 7.  I turn on my air conditioning, and nothing happens:
      Check the plug
      Check the fuse
      Check the circuit breaker
      Contact our service department by phone or e-mail

 8.  How often do I need to change filters, oil motors, service air conditioners?
      Filter should be changed or cleaned at least twice a year.
      Motors should be oiled at least once every two years.

 9.  Do we work on Saturdays?
      Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

 10. How long is the warranty on the new units?
      The equipment we install is furnished with a 1-year guarantee on all parts 
      and labor, plus an additional 4-year limited warranty on the hermetically sealed circuit.
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